• February 1, 2015
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Queens Chronicle

Letters To The Editor

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Posted: Wednesday, November 26, 2008 12:00 am

Be thankful

Dear Editor:

The holiday season is upon us. There is much for which we need to be thankful and much for America to be troubled about. We should therefore think of those who are hurting like the homeless, unemployed, the elderly and the poor who have so little due to the economic meltdown.

Those of us who are working and find we are paying more for goods and services and hurting. I know it is increasingly hard for many of us to give to those in need. Yet there are as many as 26,000 families this year who have requested turkeys from charities — up from 20,000 last year. Food pantries are getting fewer donations and giving smaller quantities. Our local soup kitchens are breaking records for food served. The number of people receiving food stamps has jumped up 14 percent over the past year.

Queens residents have been known to having a giving spirit and we need to give, no matter how little, for every penny counts when someone is hungry and in need. It may be hard to stretch the family budget, but there are those who have nothing. The feeling you get when you give to someone in need, gives you that feeling that you are richly blessed. There are organizations that can help you in your quest. A lot of these can be found by going to the internet. One such place for information is called Littleneck.net. So for now be well and be good to one another.

Frederick Bedell Jr.

Glen Oaks

Jamaica Bay

Dear Editor:

After reading the story about the religious rituals at Gateway National Park, (“Sacred rights and sorry sights,” Queens Chronicle, Nov. 20) I have come to the conclusion that the clams in Jamaica Bay have plenty of spineless company in the politicians and officials who are dancing the “politically correct polka” as fast as they can. The fact is that the beaches at Gateway National Park are being littered with filth and the Park Service is too wimpy to stand up and enforce the law. I want to know just how far I would get with the Park Service if I decided to raise a Nativity crèche on Gateway property — I have no doubt that I would be told that religious displays are not allowed on federal land and that’s that. But it’s just fine to worship and leave sacrificial offerings to rot on the beach — to be picked up later at taxpayer’s expense.

By the way, did you know that part of the worship of “Mother Ganga,” aka the River Ganges, is the ritual cremation of bodies along the sacred shoreline? I can’t wait to see the Park Service try to dance its way around that one.

Ann Rychlenski

Ozone Park

This is not justice

Dear Editor:

I am the future brother-in-law of John Vaccarello and I can honestly tell you that you will never meet a nicer family then his (“Sole Vaccarello survivor to fight parole,” Queens Chronicle, Nov. 20). They are a typical large Italian family that have rallied around each other and picked one another up after an unusual tragedy. I am sick that this man gets a second chance and that John, a brother to me already, doesn’t.

Thomas Hoefel


What helping hands?

Dear Editor:

Our concern should not be about “who” isbest qualified to run our economy, but that no one interfere with the free market.

The collapsing economy demonstrates the false promises of NAFTA, CAFTA, and other “free” trade treaties. It also exposes the false wisdom of outsourcing our industry, and ofimposing environmental constraints, and bureaucratic regulations. All of these violate constitutional laws.

Can we expect the same minds which have sunk us into this mess to resurrect our comerce by giving them more power to impose socialism?History has shown that the only path to prosperity has been the banning of government from the realm of business, cutting taxes, and reducing government spending. In other words, restoring our constitutional republic.

The corrupt busybodies in Washington who have plunged us into $10 trillion of nationaldebt and have never run an honest business themselves, profess expertise inmanaging the economic affairs of our country. Some chutzpah!

Lawrence Burke


Help the mail

(An open letter to Charles Chin, Queens Borough Engineer, NYC DOT)

Dear Mr. Chin:

Your agency has recently installed two-hour parking meters on both said of the street fronting Jamaica’s Main Post Office located at 88-40 164th St. This has seriously diminished turnover and accessibility for its customers.

Please not that this post office is a direct dispatcher of mail and has been a constant delight in terms of the rapidity and reliability of their service.

So my question to you: Why has your agency made utilization of this service so extraordinarily difficult?

Robert Kenler


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