• January 30, 2015
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Queens Chronicle

Letters To The Editor

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Posted: Thursday, January 20, 2011 12:00 am

You re-elected him

Dear Editor:

(An open letter to John Q. Public)

All the complaining about Mr. Manhattan Bloomberg during a major blizzard? Well, you gave him a third term. Just remember one thing for the future — you get the person you voted for and, therefore, deserve. Vote the bums out of office. If the new ones don’t do right for the entire city, vote them out. Trust me, they’ll get the message.

L. Abruzzo


Get tougher on sex crimes

Dear Editor:

Re “Outrage over sex offender in Flushing”:

In my practice where I represent survivors of child sexual abuse, I come across this problem wherein district attorneys are offering Level 1 registered sex offenders plea agreements to those who prey on children as a way to get the cases closed and off their desk. This is a problem because many times I see this same sex offender abusing kids again and perpetrating the same crime over again.

I realize district attorneys want to move cases along and plea out as many cases as possible to decrease their caseload, but this does a great disservice to children. Children must be protected from these sex offenders. The way to do that is to not let them plea out to a lesser level of sex offense. Rather, district attorneys must make it a priority to hold each and every sex offender accountable for his or her actions and force each to register as a Level 2 or Level 3 sex offender depending upon the severity of the abuse.

Generally, Level 1 sex offenders are considered low risk for a repeat offense and must register for a minimum of 1 to 20 years depending upon the state. But, unless it is truly a statutory rape type scenario, wherein the person charged with the crime truly believed the minor was of age, i.e., 18 years old, and the facts support this assertion that the minor did appear to look of age, then all other sex offenders should have to register as a Level 2 or Level 3 sex offender.

Having any sexual relations with a child, no matter how minute, is not just a momentary lapse in judgment. It is a crime. And to be certain, had the perpetrator had more time with his victim he would have escalated the abuse to a Level 3 status.

Let’s start protecting kids by having our criminal justice departments take proactive steps in protecting children. They can start by not taking the easy road out. They can force these sex offenders to register as Level 2 or Level 3 sex offenders.

Michele Betti


The writer is an attorney.

No Medicare cuts

Dear Editor:

I make reference to a recent story in an AARP bulletin titled “Fix for Doctor Pay Rates is Hailed.” It said that Congress approved a one-year freeze on reducing doctors Medicare payments by 25 percent, which was supposed to happen on Jan. 1.

Don’t the people in Congress realize what such a reduction would mean to all senior citizens? The fact is that more doctors would refuse to accept Medicare patients; hospitals would lose much needed revenue and possibly more of them would have to close.

How could Congress think of reducing payments? It is ridiculous to believe that Congress does not realize the dire effects such a bill would have on senior citizens, doctors and hospitals. Where would senior citizens go for medical treatment?

Why would Congress even consider allowing this to happen? If they want to save money, I am sure there are other ways to save. Why not cut politicians’ salaries? Why not reduce their enormous pensions? Why not cancel many unnecessary NASA programs and think of ending the wars in the Middle East, which would also save billions of dollars? Why cut doctors’ Medicare payments by 25 percent while continuing to give free Medicaid to illegal aliens, along with other free benefits, which are costing us, the American taxpayers, billions of dollars each year?

Every American, not only senior citizens, should contact their senators and congressmen and demand that they never allow a reduction doctors’ Medicare payments by 25 percent. It would be unconscionable.

Adrea Farmer

Jackson Heights

Thanks to Aldo’s

Dear Editor:

Aldo’s II has been a mainstay in our community for years. Recently owners Aldo and son Anthony provided a buffet luncheon to neighborhood seniors.

Aldo does much for the Ozone Park community: sponsoring the Ozone Howard Little League; supporting the Ozone Park Civic Association with advertising in the newsletter or providing treats at our annual Christmas party; he’s always willing to support all community organizations.

It’s time to say thank you. Remember the restaurant at the corner of Pitkin Avenue and Cross Bay Boulevard when booking a social event or just for dinner or a pizza. Merchants like Aldo’s II are good to us and we should return the favor.

Tony Perdichizzi

Trustee, Ozone Park Civic Association

Ozone Park

The wrong stance

Dear Editor:

I was very disappointed by your editorial in the Jan. 13 issue, “Reckless rhetoric set the stage for Arizona.”

Putting the blame on the political right is not what I expect from a newspaper that was in the pastobjective and balanced.The political right was no more to blame than the left is for the 9/11 attacks.

Jared Loughner described himself as a liberal and follower of The Communist Manifesto. Those are hardly qualifications of conservatives.

What the right is guilty of is protesting against excessive government spending, a costly health plan and government dependence. All of these greatly raise our taxes, increase crimeand make citizens depend upon government. In light of America’s educational decline, high unemployment and stagnant economy, I fail to see why these are not important concerns.

Whether you agree with them or not, the right and Tea Party activists are open and honest about where they stand. If this newspaper is going to point any fingers, do so at the left and liberals.

They are for low income housing, so long as it is in someone else’s neighborhood. They claim to support quality education, but draw school lines to keep those they consider undesirable out.

As far as weapons, those who oppose gun ownership are nothing but hypocrites. Nearly every Democrat, Hollywood celebrity and liberal columnist has advocated keeping guns out of citizen’s hands while admitting to owning them themselves.Charles Schumer, Rosie O’Donnell and Carl Rowan are three liberals who want to disarm citizens while firmly stating they have firearms.

I suggest you direct your morality against them.

Edward Riecks

Howard Beach

‘Reckless’ indeed!

Dear Editor:

Reckless is blaming politicians and pundits that all evidence proves that the shooter never listened to. Reckless is listening to a sheriff who was aware of the troubled youth and yet did nothing. Instead he tried to deflect blame onto the the right and too many, you included, took the bait without questioning it. This editorial is just plain lazy. It’s a rehash of liberal blogs that were proven disingenuous within days of the shooting. Perhaps we should have grilled and vilified Jody Foster after Hinckley attempted to shoot Ronald Reagan? After all, in that case he admitted that he did it for her. A responsible editor would ask what we’re doing to spot mentally ill people and get them treatment.

Ken Stone

Forest Hills

Dems ‘target’ races too

Dear Editor:

I was disappointed that the Chronicle used the tragic shooting in Tucson to make a political attack against Republicans.Jared Loughneris a very disturbed individual who appears to have no coherent political philosophy.

To try to blame Republicans for inciting violence when they use martial/military metaphors is absurd.Such metaphors have been used for years.We talk about political campaigns like military campaigns.Analysts refer to close races as battleground states.We often hear about a political party targeting a particular seat. This is nothing new.

In 2004, a Democratic committee had a United States map on their website with targets on states where they were going after Republican seats.Why did you mention Sarah Palin’s crosshairs and not that?

Even President Obama used heated rhetoric during the last election when he urged Latinos to punish their “enemies.”I find it quite insulting that the president would refer to fellow citizens that way.Only after receiving much criticism did Obama state that he should have used the word “opponents.”

There are numerous other examples of Democrats using inflamed talk.However, youreditorial stated that “The Democrats, aside from an occasional slip in the heat of the moment, have no such problem.”I do not think you looked very hard.

I agree that people should be more civil with each other.Just remember that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Lenny Rodin

Forest Hills

Citizens and civility

Dear Editor:

After a week of national mourning for those shot and killed in Tucson the battle for the White House begins again in earnest. Regardless of the hopes that civility will be the new byword for our elected officials, the reality is spots on a leopard do not change.

The purpose of the Republicans remains limiting the president to one term. Democrats hope to foil future Republican gains while regaining control of the House in 2012 and keeping the Senate and White House. This conflict is the price for democracy, which most times bring out the worst in politicians.

It is doubtful that the afflicted Tucson assassin was pursuing a political agenda. Past attempts and successes were carried out by individuals craving notoriety, hoping to remove themselves from the unknown to infamous. It is an indictment of our society that some people are allowed to become so detached that they find their only hope is in the taking of a successful life.

Citizens of the U.S. have been impacted by the Tucson shooting, which may result in their toning down angry rhetoric against anyone who disagrees with their point of view. An electorate that views those with whom they disagree as deserving respect may be a legacy of the price paid by the Tucson victims.

It remains to be seen whether elected representatives have heard the call. But the loudmouths of the airwaves, whose income and influence depend upon a politically charged environment, have already rejected the idea that they owe the nation anything but more of the same hate-mongering they have spewed over the airwaves for years. Their selfish interests are so entrenched that they fail to recognize how un-American they are. Like tyrants and dictators before them, they trade in fear, realizing it is their only means to stay relevant.

Edward Horn

Baldwin, LI

Thanks for your support

Dear Editor:

Thank you for all you do and continue to do. The Brookville Lions Club’s first anniversary and Toys for Tots Luncheon on Dec. 11 was a success because of you. Toys were delivered to a local shelter to 67 children. Seven community service awards were given to exemplaryindividuals in the community including Councilman Leroy Comrie, Firefighter Brandon Phillips and retired Assistant Principal Alita Chapman.Thanks again and be blessed in the New Year!

Jeanette Forde-Curwen

Charter President

Brookville Lions Club


J-E-T-S are B-E-S-T

Dear Editor:

The Jets once again have proved the old adage that any good team can be beaten on any given day.

Coach Rex Ryan, quarterback Mark Sanchez and the rest of the team showed they are the real deal on Sunday. They beat the New England Patriots for many reasons, like good coaching, skill and stamina. But I think more than that, it could have been because they had the eye of the tiger, and by that I mean they believed in themselves and had the will to win. They beat the best in the NFL, so I believe they have what it takes to go all the way. Let me just say, “Jets, Jets, Jets!”

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

Glen Oaks Village

Snow removal failures

Dear Editor:

Idon’t understand why the city gives some homeowners summonses if they don’t clean their sidewalks after a snowstorm while others don’t clean and don’t get summonses. Do you think that is fair? You know these people are home because you see foot prints in the snow going up and down their stoops.

My neighbor down the block is legally blind and her husband has osteoporosis. Both are in their 80s. They got a summonses because their son did not get a chance to shovel their sidewalk right after a storm. I don’t think that’s fair when able-bodied people keep their sidewalks unshoveled for days.

What about city and state-owned properties that don’t get shoveled? The only way they get cleaned after a snowstorm is when the snow melts. I live near two Long Island Rail Road bridges. Both have not been cleaned since the blizzard hit on Dec. 26. They have that snow plus the rest that has fallen since on them.

I called 311 last Monday and nothing has been done. I looked up my complaint numbers on their website, and it says they are still working on them. When I called the 311 operator could not find the bridges in her system.

One of the mothers at my daughter’s school called 311 about the snow on the Andrews Avenue bridge. She said the 311 operator switched her to 911. This is the third person who told me that the 311 operator switched them to a 911 operator for a non-life threatening emergency.

They told her they would send someone out to clean the bridge so her daughter would not fall walking to school. She saw the Sanitation Department shoveling the snow on the bridge when she went to pick up her daughter from school. When she walked home they were gone. They only shoveled a little bit and then left.

And my sister said they only shoveled a little bit on the 60th Street bridge which I also called 311 about.

Why doesn’t the city or the LIRR have to clean these bridges after a snowstorm like homeowners have to shovel their sidewalks? I don’t think that is fair.

Charlene L. Stubbs


License crazy cyclists

Dear Editor:

Reading the Jan. 14 piece in the New York Post, “Pol Pushing ID Tags,” about registering bicycles, I thought I was dreaming. Help has finally arrived.

I have been a consumer advocate for more than 25 years. My only interest is in helping people, but this cause is probably one of the most important and cannot be handled bya fewindividuals, especially when organizations and individuals resist the fact that the crazy bikers should be licensed. Their only interest seems to be that they wear helmets for their safety (thousands were given away free), but what about pedestrians?

When I write letters about this, I see responses portraying me as an ogre.But enough of bikers going against traffic, through red lights and on the sidewalk. One morning I was walking out of my building and a man who should know better, wearing a business suit and a helmet, went right by me on the sidewalk — that was a heart stopper.

Many elected officials, together with Transportation Alternatives and the DOT, believe the answer is in bike lanes; it is not. These bikers behave the same way in the bike lanes as if the roads belong to them.The answer is licensing.Once they know they will be fined when identified, most of them will follow the rules of the road.

I commend Lenny’s restaurant. The owners are following a law which is not being enforced – their delivery bikes have the restaurant’s name and identification number on a plate on the back of the bike.

People, wake up and save pedestrians from being hurt.

Bless you Councilman Eric Ulrich.Can we all work together to resolve this safety issue?

Bunny Abraham


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