• December 22, 2014
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Queens Chronicle

Letters To The Editor

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Posted: Thursday, August 21, 2008 12:00 am

Real Leadership

Dear Editor:

Hey, Gov. David Paterson, if you’re really serious about solving New York’s financial woes, don’t count on the gang from Albany; they offer the same old status quo.

How about listening to a coherent, non-partisan opinion like that of Michael Long, chairman of the Conservative Party of New York State. The party was formed over 40 years ago to address big government and abuse in the system and will really tell it like it is. Real leadership, governor, requires input from all sources because we’re all in this together.

Thomas and Constance Dowd,


Food For Thought

Dear Editor:

Remember back in 2001, America’s new President George W. Bush met Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, and made his now historic statement “I looked into his eyes and I saw his soul and I trust him.” Well, a not so funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Russia invaded the Republic of Georgia. When Bush protested, Putin said “One day Washington will have to choose” between Georgia and Russia.

What Bush did not see was Putin’s soul. Like Hitler’s troops marching into the Sudetenland in 1939, Putin’s boots are now marching into Georgia. Bush forgot — once a KGB agent, always KGB agent. Oh yes, is this the kind of leadership experience a president must have? According to Senator John McCain, he has it — but Senator Barack Obama does not. Food for thought, as we approach the November Presidential election.

Anthony Gordon Pilla,

Forest Hills

McCain’s Shock

Dear Editor:

Senator John McCain is shocked; shocked that in the 21st century a countrywould callously invade another, and calls for its immediate withdrawal. He is also shocked; shocked at those of us who would call for our country’s immediate withdrawal from a countrywe have callously invaded in the 21st century. John McCain? The “experienced” John McCain?He is shocked? How shocking.

Mark Davis,

Forest Hills

Stop The Cameras

Dear Editor:

I would liketo bring to light thethe fleecing and outright deceit that our local elected officials have imposed on us citizens in the guise of reducing red light violations. They claim the cameras will reduce the number of pedestrian and autoaccidents.It’s more like a disguised tax.I can tell you from my own experience that I have witnessedrear end accidents or cars slowing down causing road rage and even traffic because drivers are afraid of going through the anticipated red light. I have also witnessed cars actually stopping while the light is yellow causing cars behind them to skid to a screeching stop.

These strategically placed cameras are raking in millions of revenue for the city at our expense.Recently my dad received a red lightsummons in the mail. The letter that is sent with the ticket readsas follows, “vehicles crossing the stop line or entering the crosswalk after the light turns red are detected automatically.” It then goes on to say “the camera takes two photographs, approximately one second apart and the images show the date and time along with the number of secondssince the light turned red.” I’m not againstprograms enacted tobenefit the greater public but let’s level the playing field a little. If you are really trying toimprove public safety you can at least let the drivers know that they are approaching ared lightcamera that will take their picture if they pass the light. If the city can put up signs for every other rule then why not this?Another suggestion would be to allowa delay in the picture being taken. I would think that most people who pass a red light just as the light is changing are not deliberately passing it butare only caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. On the other handI have witnessed people deliberately going through the light with no regard at all. This is when a delayed picture can be taken. I hope this letter sparks the interest of the public and more people sound their opinion on this subject.

Paul Parrinello,

Howard Beach

On Willets Point

Dear Editor:

Former Queens Borough President Claire Schulman extols the alleged virtue of the Willets Point proposal in a Queens Chronicle Op Ed article “For Willets Point”(the Queens Chronicle, Aug. 14).

There are two aspects of Claire Shulman’s claim that are troubling and deserve scrutiny. Willets Point does require infrastructure repairs which, will not be accomplished by the developers, but with hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. The Willets Point businesses for years have been paying taxes and have requested these repairs be made. They have been ignored, because the city willfully refused to do so deciding it wanted the area for a football stadium or some other fat cat real estate development. This indifference goes as far back as the tenure of Donald Manes, Schulman’s Queens borough president predecessor, Schulman herself and Helen Marshall the current borough president. For Ms. Schulman who sat back for years and participated in the city’s willful failure to make the necessary repairs and now claims it should be done for a real estate developer, is the height of arrogance. If it will be done for a real estate developer at taxpayer cost, let it be done now and the current Willets Point businesses remain.

A close examination of the Willets Point proposal makes it clear it has so many fundamental flaws, so destructive of over 225 economically viable businesses with over 1300 employees and thousands of dependents, that Schulman’s claims notwithstanding, it will not be the financial saviour of Queens, let alone the City of New York. It will be nothing more than a taxpayer rip off for the benefit of the rich, the ongoing destruction of the little people and creating a ghetto of the rich.

Benjamin Haber,


Fire Tragedy

Dear Editor:

August 18, 2007, we saw pictures of a dismantled standpipe in a toxic bloated building, with stairwells removed, exits sealed and black smoke filling every living cell.

It was known prior to Aug. 18, 2007 that the Deutsche Bank building had not been inspected, prehaps for a year or more.

The fire commissioner had the power to mandate this building be inspected because of accidents occurring on the site, community complaints and warnings from within the department. Sadly, nothing was done and the ultimate happened. Firefighters Robert Beddia and Joseph Graffaganino were trapped and died.

The fire commissioner is appointed by the mayor. I hope the next fire commissioner will have the experience and knowledge of the fire department to lead. Much will be expected of him as has always been of the FDNY.

Bess Kachulis,



In a story appearing on Aug. 14, “Much Needed Market Opens At Queens West,” a clarification: Food Cellar is co-owned by Erhan Bahcecr, the president of Amish Market and his business partner, Metin Mangut. According to Bahcecr, Food Cellar is independent of Amish Market.


In a story appearing on July 31, “Second Chance Offered For Incarcerated Mothers,” the country of origin given for Wereworth it.com’s co-founder, Eton Lacon, was incorrect. Lacon is from Guyana, not Ghana in West Africa. We regret the error.

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