• August 29, 2015
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Posted: Thursday, December 12, 2013 10:30 am

Dear Editor:

Re “A shot from the left,” Letters, Dec. 5:

Why, now that Obama has all but succeeded in transforming America into a socialist tyranny and America’s freedoms are dropping daily like stones in a pond, are liberals still so unhappy?

Pope Francis may attack “the idolatry of money,” and he is disturbed by a homeless person dying of exposure, but (unlike Jesus) the pope wears pure silk white underwear, hand sewn by a team of seamstresses and his summer palace could take in quite a few homeless people. Obama lives royally, while the public is reminded daily of the joys of Obamacare. Mike Bloomberg toured the United States supporting politicians who would take guns away from law-abiding citizens, but when he leaves office he’ll take the whole contingent of police who protected him with him.

What do the three have in common? They’re all wealthy and bleed publicly for the poor, but what they offer comes not from their pockets but everybody else’s.

Illegal Mexicans, who had no voice in Mexico, found their voice in and against the U.S. Illegal Cubans found their voice in Marco Rubio, who with the McCain and Schumer amnesty bill would make the U.S. another Cuba. The majority of Jews, who by now should have recognized a dictator when they saw one, didn’t. African-Americans honored Martin Luther King, but didn’t listen to him. Instead of judging a man not by the color of his skin but the contents of his mind, they voted for Obama, who judges people not by the contents of their minds, but by the color of their skin.

Redistributing wealth was tried in Russia, Cuba and Venezuela. American entertainers who love the jolly Castros go to Cuba to visit, not to live. Who wants to live in a prison?

The U.S. no longer breeds entrepreneurs, it breeds ingrates. Warren Buffet supported Obama to get the XL Pipeline killed. It would have competed with his overland oil and shipping company. Hollywood supports Obama for access to foreign markets. This sounds pretty much like the pages “idolatry of money” to me.

It’s incomprehensible that in this country immigrants voted for a man who will give them everything they or their parents came here to escape from. They forgot history. They’re going to repeat it.

For a look into the future read “1984.”

Janice Wijnen
Rego Park

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