• April 1, 2015
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Queens Chronicle

How to stop gun crime

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Posted: Thursday, February 28, 2013 10:30 am | Updated: 10:52 am, Thu Feb 28, 2013.

Dear Editor:

If federal and state administrations are really serious about reducing gun violence, along with removing illegal guns — the main cause of our high crime rate — we would need a draconian revision of government policy.

There are enough laws on the books now, which are followed by licensed, law-abiding permit holders, and completely disregarded by criminals. The simple solution is to strictly enforce the laws already in place, especially with the latest compact electronic weapons detection scanners now being introduced. This would take the guessing out of the stop-and-frisk practice —we can now stop only those who are carrying. If an offender is unlicensed, he should be immediately arrested and committed to a mandatory 25 years imprisonment, with no options for a plea bargain, parole or reduced sentence, plus a fine of $25,000 to be paid by the end of the term, or another five years of prison time would be added. This austere solution should radically reduce crime in New York, and federally, overnight if strictly enforced.

This method should find no objection among upright, law-abiding citizens, including members of Congress — be they Democrats, Republicans, liberals or conservatives — and most anti-gunners, along with the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, and our 80 million legal gun owners. The only complainers I could visualize are the criminals, the ACLU and the UN.

If President Obama strictly implements these strict measures nationwide, with legislation grandfathering in all present gun permit holders with national authorization, so as to be recognized similarly to how drivers or wedding licenses are, along with maintaining strict background checks for new permit issues, it should resolve the problem.

With no leniency for criminals, I am sure crime would be radically reduced or even eliminated throughout the country, with approval from those who want guns banished, along with the NRA, whose main priorities under the Second Amendment are with gun safety and protection from deadly force for our 80 million law-abiding gun owners — and not with criminal encouragement, as some would have you believe.

G. Nicholas
Richmond Hill

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