• December 25, 2014
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Queens Chronicle

He doesn’t fit the Bill

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Posted: Thursday, October 24, 2013 10:30 am

Dear Editor:

Bill de Blasio says he wants the city to provide pre-K in the public schools.All we ever read about in the papers is how overcrowded all the schools are already. Where are they going to put all the children? As fast as a new school is built it fills up, and school yards where children once played have been replaced with buildings to ease overcrowding.

De Blasio also wants to increase after-school hours till 6 p.m. Schools are already providing breakfast and lunch, and I suppose now it will be dinner too. What’s next, sleepovers? My neighbors’ small children are picked up by a school bus at 7:20 a.m. and return at 6:20 p.m. That’s a long day for a young child. Can you imagine what it will be like for a pre-K child?

He also says he wants to give illegal aliens a special drivers license that the city will issue because he says they are already driving here and maybe this will encourage them to get insurance. He says this will bring everyone’s car insurance costs down. Yeah, sure.

He also supports Mayor Bloomberg’s policies of making New York a sanctuary city. Why not put a big sign at the entrances of New York: If you are an illegal alien please come here, we will give you housing, education and medical care, and let you drive too. And if you are a criminal we will not share information with the federal government.

It’s no wonder the middle class is shrinking in this city. Schools are overcrowded, hospitals are closing and taxes keep going up. People are leaving the city for places where the cost of living is lower and the quality of life is higher.

This will surely be a Tale of Two Cities, for the rich and the poor.

Richard Polgar

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