• February 11, 2016
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Queens Chronicle

Gun control now II

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Posted: Thursday, April 11, 2013 10:30 am

Dear Editor:

Unfortunately I have to agree with Daily News Voicer Joseph Malachi when he says that “background checks will not stop someone from committing a crime. It’s unlikely a convicted criminal will attempt to buy a weapon legally.”

In the light of the NRA’s power over cowardly politicians, the empty rhetoric that politicians are slinging around is akin to going after a raging rhinoceros with a fly swatter! Some wise person has said, “There is a need to change diapers and politicians regularly ... and for the same reason!”

Some other countries severely control the manufacture, sale, distribution and importation of lethal weapons on a national level. So unless this is done, anyone who lives in a state with strict gun control laws can merely take a few hours’ drive to another state and buy guns — maybe not legally, but surely illegally! There are just too many of them being made and they are obtained too easily now without tight federal control throughout the entire country.

Please note: There are very strict laws in place now here in the United States concerning the manufacture, distribution, importation and sale of high explosives.

Some of today’s high-tech military-type weapons are reaching the same stage of deadliness as high explosives! Why in God’s name, and in the name of common sense, are we permitting ordinary citizens to have access to them with the probability that criminals or mentally unfit persons can get their hands on them?

For goodness’ sake — this is 2013, not 1821, and certainly not the 1700s. Let’s wake up and smell the gunpowder!

Dave Shlakman
Howard Beach

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