• January 28, 2015
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Queens Chronicle

Greedy GOP types

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Posted: Thursday, February 27, 2014 10:30 am

Dear Editor:

If Mr. Ed Konecnik is not careful, he will dislocate his shoulder due to his non-stop personal back slapping (“Land of the freeloader,” Letters, Feb. 20). Somehow his description of what to him is “Freedom,” is more akin to Greedom. It is particularly ugly in our advanced socially civilized country to approach life in a Neanderthal, every-man-for-himself mentality. Our Liberty Lady’s green face would turn red with embarrassment.

We have seen the turmoil and the reaction of the populace in countries that have lived in and under the yolk of other “-doms” such as kingdom and serfdom. Left to the wishes of some in our country, the degressive, not progressive, this may well happen here. Mr. Konecnik is constantly decrying the redistribution of his wealth to the lazy, unmotivated, lying in their hammock smoking food stamp cigars, retired and partying on with their unemployment pittance.

And yes, Mr. Konecnik, you are accurate about the redistribution of wealth, but with a slight caveat. During the presidency of Eisenhower, whom I voted for, the disparity between the workers’ pay and that of the owner was 30 to 1. It is now greater than 300 to 1. Wealth has been redistributed from the middle-class worker to his wealthy employer; 10 times greater than it had been in the ’60s.

Perhaps it was to solve this ever widening income disparity that induced Reagan to come up with his trickle-down economics. There was a personification of his policy in the prologue of the 1968 film “2001: A Space Odyssey,” which no doubt was the inspiration. It was the monkey sequence. A large chimpanzee on a branch is seen urinating down on smaller, helpless chimps, much to their consternation. I was stunned to see how similar their tinkle-down approach was to that of Reagan’s trickle down. Credit where credit is due. The chimp thought of it first.

Nicholas Zizelis

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