• February 6, 2016
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Queens Chronicle

Fox likes a lawbreaker

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Posted: Thursday, April 24, 2014 10:30 am

Dear Editor:

For years we have heard the “takers” are welfare cheaters. Fox News reminds its viewers of these food stamp grabbers. Well, it looks like they have a new hero, Clive Bundy, the Nevada welfare cowboy. Here’s a guy who hates big government, yet steals for 20 years federal grazing land for his cattle.

Congress enacted in 1934 the Taylor Grazing Act, which provided grazing regulation under the jurisdiction of the Interior Department. The Bureau of Land Management charges $1.35 per cow each month for the right to graze on federal land. Mr. Bundy owes over $1 million in back payments. Court action has ordered that he make those payments to Uncle Sam.

Why has “Fox and Friends” given this lawbreaker noteworthy status? They called Obama a lawbreaker. Why the hypocrisy?

Anthony G. Pilla
Forest Hills

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