• February 1, 2015
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Queens Chronicle

Foolish fili-buster

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Posted: Wednesday, November 27, 2013 10:30 am

Dear Editor:

The following remarks are in reference to David Rivkin’s Nov. 14 letter “The ignorant Left.” We Democrats may be ignorant on some issues, however, the stupid GOP right is always on the wrong side of history. Just compare our domestic legislation to their “just say no” legislation.

David you wrote, “Readers should also realize that filibuster of Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was in keeping with all filibuster speeches ever recorded in the senate ...” Our Senate is the only legislative body in the world that allows filibustering as an obstructionist tactic to defeat legislation favored by a majority.

Here is a tragic example why the Senate should end Senate 22 rule. President Wilson asked Congress on Feb. 26, 1917 for authority to arm merchant vessels in the hope of deterring German subs from attacking. The House passed the bill 403-14, and 75 senators signed a statement that they would vote for it if given the opportunity. In the Senate, a “little group of willful men” (as Wilson characterized seven Republicans and five Democrats) filibustered the bill until the end of the session. The tragic action prevented the measure from coming to a vote — thus killing the bill!

Twenty-first century America needs to end old parliamentary rules which cause the wheels of government to turn into a “horse and buggy” era.

And to the Chronicle, hooray for 35 years of service to Queens!

Anthony G. Pilla
Forest Hills

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