• December 26, 2014
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Queens Chronicle

End of political wars?

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Posted: Thursday, December 26, 2013 10:30 am

Dear Editor:

The end of 2013 does not promise national security for the U.S. or the world. It comes at a time when for once in recent memory the two national parties have reached an agreement that may avoid fiscal warfare for the next two years.

China is flexing its growing economic and military prowess while continuing to poison the air their citizens breathe. China has unilaterally expanded their air-defense zone over disputed islands in the East China Sea. Japan has responded by sending their coast guard to protect Japanese fishermen. The U.S. has flown through the newly claimed air space as has other nations. One misstep by a jingoistic officer with a hand on a button would ignite a conflict that would engulf most of the Pacific Rim nations.

The Ukraine is in turmoil with Russia fueling the fires. Putin is seeking to re-establish the Soviet Era zone of influence. He is determined to deny democratic reforms not only to Russians but to former East Bloc citizens. It appears that he has purchased Ukrainian loyalty for $15 billion dollars. Any belief that Putin’s granting early release to dissidents and political adversaries is purely hype as those set free were scheduled to complete their prison terms within months.

North Korea has declared that it may attack the South “without notice” in response to anti North Korean rallies in Seoul. Having Kim Jong Un’s hand on the nuclear button and with an army of one million men is horrifying. Even if the North does nothing it seems apparent that Kim will begin to export nuclear weapons to those who dream of destroying America.

Facing the realities that place the U.S. in harm’s way we can only hope that the political wars in Washington come to an end. If Americans continue to view their fellow citizens as adversaries, our enemies have already gained an advantage over the nation.

Edward Horn

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