• December 21, 2014
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Queens Chronicle

Divided we’re doomed

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Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2012 10:30 am

Dear Editor:

The 11th anniversary of the attacks occurs during the Presidential election of 2012. After years of bloodletting America remains in the cross hairs of terrorists with our troops fighting and dying in Afghanistan.

The persistence and dedication of our enemies is remarkable considering their losses. Their leadership has been decimated and their foot soldiers are killed or wounded daily. Their zealotry is that of a fanatic believing their cause is true based upon religious beliefs with their reward being paradise.

In the United States, acrimony and outright hatred between the parties dominate politics, the election process and Congress. The Administration is stymied by a Republican call to arms ensuring that “Obama is a one-term president.”

Democrats who held power failed to accomplish their goals during the first two years of the Obama Presidency. Their petty bickering demoralized the nation which empowered the Tea Party. The Tea Party extremes and the devastation of the economic collapse created the Occupy Wall Street movement.

One must concede that al-Qaeda and their affiliates are patriotic to their cause. As repulsive as their beliefs are they adamantly will continue fighting for years to come. Death and inability to succeed seem to mean nothing to those who believe God is on their side.

Our election process should have evolved to a discussion of what is best for the nation. Rather it is marked outwardly by rhetoric that comes down to questioning one’s patriotism and love of country. Until there is consensus that regardless of party affiliation opponents accept each other as firmly committed to the welfare of the Republic, the divisions that are ripping us apart will unfortunately continue.

Edward Horn
Baldwin, LI

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