• December 21, 2014
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Queens Chronicle

Dim fiscal future

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Posted: Thursday, May 1, 2014 10:30 am

Dear Editor:

Re Your April 24 editorial, “NY must get all its Sandy funding”:

Who would have believed that money allocated to Sandy’s victims is now being diverted to victims of mudslides in Washington state and tornadoes in Missouri? Our country, it seems, is now so broke the Department of Housing and Urban Development will seek to award the funds to whomever competes and wins the contest: “How to improve your region’s ability to withstand future disasters!”

Would that be a composition of 300 words? — using only green products? — have to show how illegal aliens will be housed and supported? As Jeb Bush said, “These people came here out of love for their families.” They’re more like heroes, not criminals.

Lest we forget, Gov. Cuomo was the head of HUD when Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac died, taking the U.S. economy with them; and Chuck Schumer, who will now “fight to ensure Sandy’s victims that New York’s needs are met,” helped destroy them by forcing banks to give loans to people for houses they couldn’t afford to buy. Schumer, on being told Americans didn’t want Obamacare (from which he and all senators are exempt), said, “Americans are going to get Obamacare whether they like it or not.” He and Carl Levin pressured the IRS not just to harass organizations with the words “freedom,” “Tea Party” and “Israel” in them, but to prosecute them for any reason they could find.

It is possible that our senior senator — who on a recent flight asked a stewardess who didn’t show him the proper deference, “Do you know who I am?” — didn’t know that Obama (as he did with Obamacare) changed the terms for the $3.5 billion allotted to Sandy’s victims and would now split the money three ways? Or more, depending on how many more disasters come up.

New Yorkers know who Schumer is and should know who Obama is by now. Does the name Gillibrand sound familiar? It should, she’s the other Democratic senator who never did anything for New York.

Where did the $17 trillion go? Some went to wind machines that only produce energy when the wind blows and now kill bald eagles in Nevada and some went to contractors and companies partially owned by George Soros, in Spain, who will now miscount the coming election results. Don’t we have an American company that could do the job?

Sandy’s victims? Obamacare’s victims? Dying businesses? Unemployment? Suck it up. In two more years these are going to look like the good old days.

Janice Wijnen
Rego Park

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