• December 25, 2014
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Queens Chronicle

Charters are parasites

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Posted: Thursday, May 1, 2014 10:30 am

Dear Editor:

The middle ground of compromise is not always the best (even if it is the most often recommended) way to solve bitter controversies, although it may sound logical, even-handed and suited to “saving face” for both parties.

By siphoning taxpayer money to pay for the leases of privately run charter schools, Mayor de Blasio has shaken off the obstreperous monkey Moskowitz from his aching back. Of course he was forced to pretend to embrace the decision of a superior power who imposed solidarity upon him, but it serves to protect the mayor as a tactical soldier in future wars.

After years of parasitic occupation of premium public school space by Moskowitz’s squatters, the mayor yielded to the blandishments from Albany and under duress to be chivalrous, bankrolled her new lodgings in cash-strapped Catholic schools.

Now that Queen Eva Moskowitz has a funded roof over all her installations, she has nothing but praise for the mayor whom she formerly blasted. No longer is de Blasio a sinner in her eyes. She has forgiven him his trespasses.

And after years of parasitic occupation of premium public school space by Eva’s squatters, the mayor clearly has forgiven Moskowitz’s trespasses also. The city is a sugar-daddy but Father Sweet sits upstate.

Hopefully the “meeting of the minds” was nothing more than mutual submission to the pressures of practical politics. Saving face can be in the public interest, but the sacrifice of integrity can be a bitch.

The de Blasio-Moskowitz deal defused an explosive problem but it left an intractable catastrophe intact. A clash of principles cannot be negated by an accommodation of convenience. Therefore the de Blasio-Moskowitz settlement is a one-sided “win-win.” The half-filled glass is still empty because an underlying injustice festers intact.

Public money for private schools was wrong, is wrong and shall remain wrong.

Ron Isaac
Fresh Meadows

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