• May 29, 2015
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Queens Chronicle

All bad: charters, Fox, GOP

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Posted: Thursday, March 20, 2014 10:30 am

Dear Editor:

What a surprise! Ed Konecnik is in support of charter schools (“Charter schools break the educational monopoly,” Opinion, March 13, multiple editions). I wouldn’t expect anything less than for him to be on the wrong side of yet another issue.

He lauds his 38 years as a teacher as if that gives his opinion more weight. The only thing it proves is that he has opined as a professional for 38 years.

He complains that “the education bureaucracy’s monopoly mandates a one-size-fits-all curriculum requiring everyone to read approved textbooks.” I would think he’d approve since the content of the textbooks used throughout the United States is decided in Texas. That bastion of liberalism.

He continues, “The education monopoly should be charged with ‘intellectual genocide.’” Konecnik should be wary of being accused of plagiarism. Isn’t “Intellectual Genocide” the new promo for Fox News? Or is that the platform for the GOP in the coming elections?

Another note on charter schools: Eva Moskowitz filed suit to bar state Comptroller Thomas Di Napoli from auditing her 22 charter schools, all of which are publicly funded but also receive “private donations.” State Supreme Court Justice Thomas Breslin ruled that DiNapoli did not have the authority to audit any New York charters because the schools are not “technically” units of the state. So let me get this straight, the charters can use space in public schools rent-free and receive funding from the state but are not “technically” units of the state?

Where are the private donations coming from? Anyone who thinks these donations are coming purely from individuals through the goodness of their hearts instead of an eye on future profits is kidding themselves. We already have a “for-profit” prison system. Wait, I think I see the big picture. Perhaps that’s where they want the kids who are unable to attend charter schools to end up. Bingo $$$.

Robert LaRosa

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