• January 27, 2015
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Queens Chronicle

Against the bag fee bill I

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Posted: Thursday, April 3, 2014 10:30 am

Dear Editor:

So many reasons this is a bad bill:

As a single person, I use plastic grocery bags as garbage bags. Why use a quarter- or half-filled trash bag each and every day when the one from the grocery store is perfectly suitable for daily disposal of my small amount of household garbage?

Dog owners use grocery plastic bags to pick up and dispose of their pets’ waste on the street. Are they now supposed to pay 10 cents in order to clean up after their dogs? How many of them will now simply elect to leave the mess on the sidewalk and walk away? It isn’t like they’re giving out hefty fines for not picking up after the dog. (Now that is something worth pursuing.) I will be watching where I walk more carefully once this bill passes, to be sure.

As the Chronicle pointed out, the proposed City Council bill to charge consumers for plastic bags is poorly thought-out and ill-conceived. A plastic bag is a plastic bag. Unless we should throw our household garbage directly into the chute or the garbage can, it has to be placed into a plastic bag beforehand. How does this reduce plastic in the environment?

With this bill the only one who suffers is the consumer. Either the store owner gets ten cents a pop or the manufacturer of trash bags like Hefty and Glad get the profit. The rest of us get to walk out of the grocery store with our hands full of carrots.

As it is, I recycle all of my plastic, paper and glass waste, and I bring my vegetable and fruit waste to the Farmer’s Market to get turned into mulch. Sigh.

The City Council cannot accomplish much of anything, but I guess passing a ten-cent-a-bag bill is easier than working to reduce homelessness, poverty and teenage gang affiliation.

God help the Republic.

Pietro Allar
Forest Hills

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