• December 22, 2014
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Queens Chronicle

No to Sharpton, yes to the law

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Posted: Thursday, August 14, 2014 10:30 am | Updated: 11:55 am, Thu Aug 21, 2014.

R abble-rousing tax cheat and reverend Al Sharpton, a man with blood on his hands from Brooklyn to the Bronx, cannot be allowed to dictate NYPD policy. Mayor de Blasio never should have given the race-baiting charlatan a seat on a dais between himself and Commissioner Bill Bratton to publicly discuss policing.

There’s some worry, well reported Tuesday by DNAinfo, that de Blasio will soon have to pick whose side he’s on: Bratton’s or Sharpton’s, the law or the lawless — and that he’s likely to go with Sharpton.

The mayor on Wednesday called that claim “ludicrous, idiotic [and] inappropriate.” But what was really ludicrous, idiotic and inappropriate was putting Sharpton on the dais. That’s also one way to describe de Blasio’s failure to respond when Sharpton said the mayor’s own son could be another Eric Garner (Dante de Blasio doesn’t sell illegal cigarettes, doesn’t have a petty arrest record and presumably wouldn’t refuse an order from cops by telling them he’s had enough and “This ends now.” All that is true of the tragic Garner).

The black community needs advocates but deserves better ones than Sharpton, whose history here is dismal. He helped perpetrate the Tawana Brawley hoax. He helped spark the fatal anti-Semitic Crown Heights riot. He fueled the anti-Semitism in the Bronx that led to an arson that killed eight people. Sharpton was relatively quiet during the Bloomberg years, but here he is again, holding the city hostage to his whims and talking over the mayor because the death of one unwell man at the hands of police fits his anti-cop narrative and pro-crime stance.

Yes, it’s a pro-crime stance. Sharpton and his ilk want police to stop enforcing the law on relatively minor crimes and violations like selling loose cigarettes, panhandling, smoking pot and drinking in public, doing acrobatics for money in moving subway cars and who knows what else. They’re not proposing to legalize these things; they just want police to look the other way.

That’s something to address, sure, but not by ignoring illegal activity. The ongoing attack against broken windows theory policing, if successful, is likely to start dragging the city back to its lawless past. We’re already headed there a little because the city let it be known that suspicious people are no longer being stopped and frisked in high numbers. We can’t afford to let Sharpton and other anti-cop activists accelerate the process. That’s what really must end now.

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  • georgetheatheist posted at 1:28 pm on Sun, Aug 17, 2014.

    georgetheatheist Posts: 3

    For those who just came in or just plain forgot: here's Al Sharpton then and now:


  • jaye4412 posted at 2:19 pm on Sat, Aug 16, 2014.

    jaye4412 Posts: 12

    This article is one of the biggest crocks of crap I've seen in quite sometime.
    And the poster before me can't be nothing but a fraud.
    Just when did anyone hear this man tell police to ignore the law??
    Sharp ton may not be the greatest, but he stands up for people of color:
    Something white people cannot STAND..
    He also speaks about Black on Black crime:
    Something the media refuses to report about, because it doesn't fit their agenda to portray him in a negative light.
    I've lived in the Jamaica area my entire life, and if you don't think the police aren't enforcing the law, you're either stupid, or need to be on medication.

  • CleanUpJamaicaQueens posted at 2:32 pm on Thu, Aug 14, 2014.

    CleanUpJamaicaQueens Posts: 118

    KUDOS Chronicle, for saying what needs to be said, that no one else with any intelligence is saying.

    Al Sharpton, who I am a fan of, is so so wrong on this issue and needs to stay out of the politics of NYC. His job or his mission is not to dictate how the NYPD or the Mayor should deal with a situation. He needs to step back. And this mayor, who has been a HUGE disappointment, needs to grow a pair, get some backbone and stand up to Sharpton, instead of letting him feed the fire with gasoline.

    Where was Sharpton, when many black people in Jamaica where killed by guns in the hands of other black people this year? I did not hear a peep out of him.

    Does Sharpton feel that because a crime, such as selling single cigarettes, is a low level crime that it should just be ignored? Should any quality of life issue that is a low level crime be ignored as many our saying?

    As one who lives in Jamaica, where it pretty much is the Wild Wild West of Queens where anything goes from illegal curb cuts to bodegas selling loose cigarettes to people drinking in public on apartment steps and blasting loud music into the late hours to all of the illegal dumping of garbage and every other quality of life issue, these types of low level crimes need to be curbed, because Jamaica is the perfect example of how a community can go completely wrong when even low-level crimes are ignored. You end up with a community that most people do not want to live in, where anyone can do whatever they want, where the quality of life is horrible, in otherwise, you end up with Jamaica and how many reading this want to live in Jamaica?

    All crimes, no matter how low level, need to be addressed and not ignored.