• February 1, 2015
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Posted: Thursday, November 8, 2012 10:30 am

Now that President Obama has been re-elected, we hope the two parties can come together and at last tackle the serious crises facing the country, starting with the so-called “fiscal cliff” we’ll all jump off at the end of the year if automatic spending cuts are not averted by the seemingly lost art of compromise.

We’re not encouraged, however, by the first post-election press conference held by Republican House Speaker John Boehner, who stuck to the right-wing, Tea Party, hard line position that there will be no tax increases on anyone ever.

The president must lead, and the GOP must negotiate with him. It’s that simple. Obama earned a new mandate. He, and we, deserve better than what we got on Wednesday from Boehner. Ronald Reagan compromised. Why can’t those who adore him so follow his lead?

Welcome to the discussion.

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  • DFrancis posted at 5:41 pm on Fri, Nov 9, 2012.

    DFrancis Posts: 3


    In the campaign for the 1986 amnesty law, known as the Immigration Control and Reform Act (ICRA) Ted Kennedy predicted that the law would grant citizenship to no more than 1.3 million people; his calculation was way wrong, with an additional 3 million or more? “We will secure the borders henceforth. I promise we will never again bring forward another amnesty bill like this,” he stated. What happened was the laws were circumvented by both political jerks, either by not enforcing interior prosecutions on employers, cutting funds for enforcement or doing nothing at all.


    But by 2007, the number of people in the country illegally had jumped to more than 12 million. It is now 2012 and they keep on coming; stealing our jobs, lowering wages for previous generations of the low income labor, because the unconcerned businesses keep hiring. Such diseases as tuberculosis are now raging once again and many other sicknesses that were eventually wiped out in the U.S. Stealing American children’s Social Security numbers, affecting their future lives. Parents find that their child’s future has been compromised with vehicles, houses brought on fraudulent credit and offering with substantial answers but years of outrageous aggravation with the Social Security Administration, police, courts and financial institutions? Even our service men and women are not safe from this disgusting situation as while fighting in foreign medieval lands, and then to discover that on returning home some illegal alien has stolen their ID.

    LIES-- LIES and more LIES, rhetoric, propaganda shoved down the throats of America citizens and legal immigrants by the Liberal newspaper journalists and editorial staff even more lies as this wave of returning to Washington Socialist hypocrites determined on another amnesty. It’s Another Path to citizenship to thieves, predators, murderers and other criminal elements that have entered the United States who should be prosecuted and deported. Just may be if one of these political hacks, public servants who have remained unconcerned about the 20 million or more that have settled illegally in this country, would scream out loud had their own daughter molested, or their spouse attacked in a home invasion robbery or themselves were assaulted and maimed, they would make it their civil duty to deport them all. Wouldn’t it be interesting if one of Senator Harry Reid’s son’s as Rory was abducted for ransom, his wife Landra maimed by a drunken driver illegal alien or his only daughter Lana was kidnapped or this mild mannered bespectacled Liberal hypocrite ended up in a ditch in Searchlight, Nevada himself. He certainly then would alter h is lobotomized mind about encouraging more itinerant persons into our country and certainly would pass harsher laws. This man seems to never have thought about the daily carnage in the streets or on the highways, or the terrible toll on families, left to pick up the pieces after a drunken illegal alien has slaughtered a daughter, son or grandmother?

    If any of these Socialist rebels to the American way of life was confronted by the spreading intoxicated illegal migrant or immigrant driving a car, perhaps they would reconsider allowing this refuge from the gutter into an already overpopulated land. These brain dead idiots of both parties could at least have alleviated some of this propagating problem that is getting worse daily, by passing THE LEGAL WORKFORCE BILL or the BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP ACT, which would completely demoralize the poverty that keeps coming here with their pregnancies undetected and a giant burden extracted from taxes to pay for it all. Until these two strict laws are passed the hordes of illegal aliens are going to keep turning up on our door step. People who think that once they reside here have the same rights as citizens? We now have 4 more years of an open socialist agenda, with communist trimmings, but those in Congress may be back in their comfortable incumbent seats, and ready press passage of a reward for criminal invaders, but they haven’t won the war? Millions of Americans are out of work, while millions of immigrants have their jobs. It’s cheaper of course to hire anybody adding huge profits to in unscrupulous rogue employers.

    Although the Liberal press thinks the TEA PARTY has faded away and repeats publicizing their lies. The truth is our numbers are still growing and a third party of 41 million ordinarily Americans who are true moderate conservatives will displace the worst incumbents in the Republican Party. The House and Senate have allowed this invasion to happen and all it does is add hundreds of billions to the federal and state deficits. Whatever ever happened to “The Rule of Law” when outlaw cities can become Sanctuaries for illegal aliens, which can hardly afford to support their own share of homeless, sick and infirm? Now that the Democrats have won a second term, does that mean they are inspired to cover every illegal alien with the “Affordable Care Act “ObamaCare”, It’s already known he and his Health and Human Services agency have lowered the restrictions, so even more fresh illegal aliens can apply for food stamps? The TEA PARTY has already identified numerous companies that will have no choice but to lay off large numbers of workers, because of the stringent regulations regarding the hefty price of providing health care. America has become the host for every blood leech that can slip past our borders or arrive here on any flight and remain, because the morons in Washington don’t track them as most industrialized nations and even Mexico?