• December 18, 2014
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Queens Chronicle

A City Council aide rides into some very hot water

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Posted: Thursday, October 17, 2013 10:30 am

Millions of people have seen the video of a family being terrorized by a gang of motorcyclists on the West Side Highway on Sept. 29. Most are disgusted as they see the bikers hem the driver in, force him to stop and trash his SUV. Off-camera, they beat him as his wife and their 2-year-old child cower in fear of the reckless mob.

But not everyone is disturbed by the bikers’ behavior. Some people are on their side. And among their sympathizers may be a Queens woman who just happens to be the district office manager for City Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras of East Elmhurst.

As revealed by an anonymous blogger, and then reported in other media, Ferreras office manager Ivettelis Rodriguez goes by the name Bandolera Ryderz LdyStickey Pro online. At least she did until some of the things she and another poster, Untamed Ryderz Stickey Prez, who allegedly is her husband, were saying on Facebook came to light. Since then, their accounts have disappeared.

Rodriguez, like other city officials and the media, received an email from the NYPD press office a few days after the West Side Highway incident touting the department’s efforts to enforce the law against reckless motorcycle riders. Officers have issued 5,498 tickets to bikers so far this year and seized 1,440 motorcycles, quads and dirtbikes, the email said, including 57 the day the family was attacked.

Good news, just about anyone who drives and has had to put up with crazy bikers would say. But not Rodriguez, oh no. She posted the stats on her Facebook page with the commentary, “I can’t believe the email I just got at work. This is ridiculous ... the harassment must stop!”

Yes, the harassment must stop —the harassment of innocent drivers by insane bikers who go 100 miles an hour one minute and 20 the next, drive down the dotted line between vehicles, pull wheelies in traffic and sometimes target drivers to harass.

Rodriguez also was proud to post a photo of herself back in August on a new motorcycle, which she called “my new b---h.” Classy. Even classier was how she was giving the camera the finger in the photo.

Ferreras issued the following statement after her aide’s online activities came to light:

“I am deeply disappointed with the behavior my staffer, Ivettelis Rodriguez, has exhibited. Her statements and behavior are not in any way indicative of my beliefs nor is it an accurate reflection of the high standard of personal conduct to which I hold my staff. I am currently working with the City Council to launch a full investigation into the matter.”

Even worse than Rodriguez is the poster alleged to be her husband, who said online that he wanted to smack a few cop cars and knock some mirrors off vehicles while one of his pals said he was “about to get a bag of nails and spread them in front of the precinct.”

Untamed Ryderz Stickey Prez lamented losing two bikes to “pig land” and said in an ominous manner that motorcyclists outnumber cops. And he’s been fundraising for a defendant in the Manhattan incident.

Guilt by association is wrong, even as it relates to a husband and wife, so you can’t hang the threats made by Rodriguez’s alleged spouse on her. But we agree with Ferreras that her aide’s activities are inappropriate, at the very least, for someone whose job is to serve the public — and whose checks are paid for by that public — and we look forward to the results of the investigation.

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