• September 16, 2014
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Queens Chronicle


  • Money And Finance

    Prevent Your Heating Bills from Going Through the Roof

    (StatePoint) Heating your home can be a costly endeavor. But you don’t have to make your family suffer in shivering silence to save some money. There are plenty of steps you can take to optimize your heating efforts, as well as prep your home for several months of cool weather.

  • Money And Finance

    College May Cost Less Than Parents Think—And A Degree Pays Off

    (NAPSI)—Parents who hope to provide their children with a college education may feel overwhelmed by the cost of higher education and reports have stated that only about half those who start college graduate. But rather than giving up, they may want to investigate further, because beneath the headlines lies a more complex reality. What’s more, parents who start saving early—and strategically—can amass a sizable college fund without busting the family budget.

  • Money And Finance

    The Law That Protects Your Benefits

    (NAPSI)—Over the past 40 years, many workers have taken on what can seem like a second job: the responsibility of planning for their own retirement.