• November 27, 2015
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Queens Chronicle

Voicemail captures strangulation

More evidence in Astoria murder

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Posted: Wednesday, July 3, 2013 10:30 am

A voicemail recording of Ivy-League-educated Jason Bohn allegedly strangling his girlfriend to death in their apartment on June 23, 2012 leaked out over the weekend.

Three days after the alleged beating officers discovered the bruised and bloody body of Danielle Thomas, 27, in her bathtub surrounded with bags of ice. Next to the tub were two handwritten notes signed by “J” allegedly saying that he was drunk when the incident occurred, but he loved her and was sorry.

A man who is allegedly Bohn can be heard on the recording left on Thomas’s friend’s cell phone at 3 a.m. the night of the murder, as he repeatedly chokes the young ad executive for Weight Watchers.

“Danielle, why did you call that number? You have five seconds and then … and then I’m going to kill you,” the voice says, asking about a 508 number in a voicemail, as first reported by the New York Post.

Thomas can be heard screaming she loves him through choking sounds.

There’s hard to decipher talk about how her partner called and that he is her partner.

It’s not clear if Thomas intentionally called her friend, according to the Post.

Bohn was originally indicted on murder 2, but last July a grand jury handed up a murder 1 indictment that under the penal code infers the defendant caused intentional and depraved infliction of extreme physical pain.

At the time the district attorney’s spokesman said evidence showing such torture would come out in trial.

The recording may be part of such clues that would merit the tougher indictment, which carries the tougher sentence of life without parole. Bohn is due back in court July 29 with no trial date scheduled.

Bohn, 34, a lawyer with a master’s from Columbia University and a rough childhood, met Thomas at the University of Florida, where he attended law school. She moved to New York to be with him in March 2012.

Bohn allegedly beat Thomas before on June 7, 2012. While she was reporting the incident at the 114th Precinct, he allegedly called her cellphone and said he would hunt her down “like a dog in the street.”

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