• January 30, 2015
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Queens Chronicle

Willets Point advocates blast Julissa Ferreras

Councilwoman addresses CB 4 but leaves before her critics can speak

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  • reg131 posted at 2:38 pm on Thu, Mar 13, 2014.

    reg131 Posts: 34

    Another piece of crap legislation that does not take into consideration "the people's" wishes. Why should it? Our government operates independently of its people. This is truly taxation without representation. Ferreras engineered a $3 billion project for retail space and compensation for the businesses being evicted. Isn't that nice of her, really, isn't that magnanimous of her? Did she bother to think about the people she was displacing? Did it ever occur to her that more "retail" space is not exactly what we need. We are overrun with malls, strip malls, stores, eateries, cheap housing, etc. Enough! The stores are dying all over the city, rent signs in every neighborhood in every window and these geniuses want to add more. It is incredible that this mentality exists today. I have a novel idea....leave the people alone, stop pandering to the construction unions, to big developers, and stop lining your own pockets Ms. Ferreras with payoffs! Because if you truly believe that you're fooling anyone, by having us think that you are not getting a kick back from these projects you are only fooling yourself. The city is over crowded as it is. Traffic is unbearable and living space untenable due to mass over-population. Has this project also been given a "tax-exemption" for 10-20-30 years as an incentive to build? Sure, let's give the billion dollar developers tax incentives and increase the taxes of the average citizen. Makes a lot of sense to me, if I were a politician, but I'm not.....thank God!