• May 25, 2015
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Queens Chronicle

Stop and frisk may soon be amended

As two bills are passed by Council, the debate continues to heat up

Welcome to the discussion.

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  • Stuart posted at 11:32 am on Thu, Jul 4, 2013.

    Stuart Posts: 11

    I happen to be familiar with the events of the night described by the young man in this story. The man the police were seeking was later caught in the act of holding a knife to the throat of a young woman. The cogent fact is that HE MATCHED THE DESCRIPTION OF "ANDREW" AND HIS COMPANIONS. Put another way, "Andrew" and his companions MATCHED THE DESCRIPTION OF THE APPREHENDED PERP. "Andrew" would have had a legitimate beef if the perp had turned out to be, say, a short Latino, or a tall Asian, or a bearded East Indian, or, perhaps, the 40 year old Caucasian described in the subsequent sex crime story in this same edition of the Chronicle? How would "Andrew" and his friends feel if the man was not caught and he killed the young woman, or someone else. Suffice it to say that the police are welcome to stop me and frisk me anytime they are seeking a criminal who matches the description of an unarmed white octogenarian perpetrator. Since Whitey Bulgar is already in custody, I think I, and the rest those who match my description, will not find cause to complain.