• April 30, 2016
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Queens Chronicle

NYC comptroller slams Homeless Services

Stringer calls on DHS to ‘repair its relationships’ with communities

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  • nightshaye posted at 12:52 pm on Fri, Jul 25, 2014.

    nightshaye Posts: 1

    Reg131. First of all, you have to be joking. Homeless people come in family units all the time! Let's say a single parent with children is out of a job, has children, and doesn't have a home. Maybe they stay at a homeless shelter or such. Homeless shelters are full of families! This would be a "homeless family".
    Let's try another example. There are 2 parents, or gaurdians or what have you, one is out of a job, the other doesn't earn enough for an apartment or other living situation. Or, their situation is such where sharing is difficult (a hyperactive child,etc). They have children.
    This is yet another example of a "homeless family".

    Any questions?

    I apologize for the frankness, however the rest of what you wrote is discredited, as you seem to not know what you are talking about even with relatively simple concepts.

    Good day.

  • reg131 posted at 7:41 am on Fri, Jul 25, 2014.

    reg131 Posts: 34

    First of all, the title of this article is misleading. Customarily, we think of homeless as those who are down on their luck, suffer from PTSD, battle addiction, etc. Here is another example of governmental kabuki theater. Further into the article we read that they are looking for a facility for 125 families. Since when do the homeless come in "family" units? The other comment states that it's no big deal, and there doesn't seem to be any additional crime in the area, so its okay. First of all it costs us all, for these facilities. Where does the money come from. I am hearing of thid type if scenario more and more frequently throughout NYS. This is nothing more than bringing illegals into this country under the radar and calling them "homeless". No wonder the residents were incensed and showed up in droves, because they know they're getting the old government excrement end of the stick. They are tired of the political agenda being foisted upon them without them knowing or having the opportunity to have any say in the matter. Now, I ask you is that not taxation without representation?

  • CleanUpJamaicaQueens posted at 8:57 pm on Thu, Jul 24, 2014.

    CleanUpJamaicaQueens Posts: 189

    The one commenter stated: "Nobody seems to have a problem when these facilities are placed in neighborhoods where the residents are primarily people of color.( we know it's true)."

    Well, as one who lives in a community of color (Jamaica) nobody seems to have a problem with anything including quality of life issues, people in these types of communities tend to be apathetic, to the point they don't care, don't vocalize their concern or are totally oblivious.

    All one needs to do is look at the awful condition in Jamaica and the poor quality of life. So of course they are not going to have a problem and THAT IS THE PROBLEM and why places like this tend to be dumped into communities of color as opposed to very white Forest Hills or Long Island City.


  • jaye4412 posted at 5:22 pm on Thu, Jul 24, 2014.

    jaye4412 Posts: 16

    Well, it makes sense to put these families in space where it's available.
    And from what I've read in another article in this same addition of the Chronicle, it has had no negative affect on the community.
    Crime hasn't gone up, this according to the local precient commander,and if anything, I would expect that so local merchants have probally seen a slight uptick in business.
    Alli'm saying is give its chance. Nobody seems to have a problem when these facilities are placed in neighborhoods where the residents are primarily people of color.( we know it's true).