• December 29, 2014
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Queens Chronicle

New York State to re-examine Kendra’s Law

Legislators seeking to tighten 1999 law for those violently mentally ill

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  • LatinSolution posted at 8:38 pm on Sun, Jan 13, 2013.

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    Why does the Kendra Law have to be re-examined or re-vamped? Is it simply because another mishap occurred and it is just simply a hot topic? Patients are admitted and sped through the system in order to meet the Diagnostic Related Guidelines and many are being either misdiagnosed, incorrectly medicated or simply overlooked. There may be patients that attempt to be admitted faking a mental illness simply in order to have a fresh bed and a meal for the night, overwhelming the Emergency Rooms with occupants. In addition, the limited amount of Mental Health Physicians available does not allow room for complete and accurate diagnosis continuing to cause a hindrance to the ever growing situation. There are recurrent and experienced patients that are admitted for the same and/or similar mental diagnosis to another medical or mental facility simply because they are in need of a refill and are forced to by physicians on another medication where the patient then refuses to accept. This is where the court appoints and supervisees the mental treatment. The requirement for the appropriate authorities to “pick up supervision of such cases” is not only when a patient moves to a new county within the state but when a patient is initially discharged and dumped either to a caregiver or on the streets and with the continued budget cut the consequences will be overwhelming. Furthermore, there is very little to no attempt to return the individual as a productive member of society rather than another ward of the state. Individuals are falling “through the cracks” simply because there is a failure in post hospitalization follow-ups in a timely fashion, specifically 24 – 48 hours time. Caregivers are given minimum options to partake in any hospital decisions or follow-ups. Homecare follow-ups are delayed or incomplete or no adherence to what is expected from Social Service to the case. A Caregiver is not given the opportunity to speak up until a disaster happens and it becomes too late to act. I had to resource to a social web Facebook in order to understand the different stages of “Bipolar Disorder” by reading their blogs. The proper authorities (medical, mental, social and or community outreach) are not in sync of the actual condition or situation of a mental ill individual condition once the person(s) are placed into the legal system for court mandated mental health treatment. Moreover, there is not a specific guideline on how to treat these patients. Each hospital or mental health advocate has their own separate protocol, Physicians, Psychoanalysts or Psychologists are included in this mayhem. The state’s Office of Mental Hygiene may prepare educational pamphlets explaining the process for caretakers and / or family members but should also be advised that the agencies available for assistance are limited to and will not provide any information due to the HEPA Privacy Act. There are outstanding facilities that are willing to help by having “walk-in clinics” available to the public but regretfully due to budget cuts are being shut down at a moment’s notice. Last but not least, the legislature is considering legalizing the use of Marijuana but doesn’t it realize that this drug in particular is to blame for the increase rise in Bipolar and Schizophrenia Mental Health issues? If our Representatives and / or Assemblyperson is to make the Kendra Bill work, may I suggest that a committee be established of different members of the community involved including caregivers and not just the Correction Department. Thank you for your time, [wink]

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