• December 19, 2014
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Queens Chronicle

DOE to pull $210M from charter schools

In five-year capital plan, funds will be diverted to pre-K, overcrowding

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  • reg131 posted at 2:25 pm on Thu, Feb 20, 2014.

    reg131 Posts: 34

    Of course Chancellor Carmen-Fari is smiling! They're going to rip $210 out of the charter schools budget to infuse their ever-failing public school system and eliminate the competition. With an expected $12.8 billion dollar budget, up from $800 million, the unions must be celebrating en masse! Once again, the liberal elite have taken away the very venue by which underpriviliged children can better themselves, educationally, when they tell you that what they are doing is for the disadvantaged. Bunk! Poppycock! In reality we know this is merely for unions and teachers. No grudge against teachers, but who's looking out for the children? And DiBlasio's push for universal Pre-K is simply another way of indoctrinating youth to his openly Communist/Socialist agenda, by inculcating them at an earlier age. What happened to parental responsibility. This man is sickening. And Mr. Commaianni is ecstatic as well.....pulling money from charters is a great idea, he states. How pathetic these people are. Typical liberal idealogues....when you can't fight a fight with facts, you aim to destroy.