• January 31, 2015
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Queens Chronicle

Koo wants to honor ‘comfort women’

Forced into sex slavery by Japan

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  • toshiaki posted at 10:28 pm on Sun, Jun 16, 2013.

    toshiaki Posts: 1

    You can find hoe Lee Yong-soo has changed her testimony over the past 20 years in this page


  • Pak posted at 2:53 pm on Fri, May 18, 2012.

    Pak Posts: 0

    Let me correct my writing.

    >think that almost all Korean women were prostitutes.

    think that almost all Korean COMFORT women were prostitutes.

    Actually, many were sold by her parents for their debts. Some comfort women said they cannot forgive their parents rather than Japanese soldiers.

  • Pak posted at 2:47 pm on Fri, May 18, 2012.

    Pak Posts: 0


    You just copied and pasted from what "Stunned in DC" wrote on the Timeslegder page.

    What you copied here does not have any useful information and just harassing Japan and Japanese people further.

  • Drew posted at 2:21 am on Fri, May 18, 2012.

    Drew Posts: 0

    Those extreme nationalists in Japan may think that they are trying to be "patriotic" by sending such letters to oppose this action; however, their actions are actually having a counter-effect. The more they try to deny the atrocities the Imperial Japanese Government committed in the past, the more people on this side will be unified for the cause.

    Some of these Japanese nationalists are so desperate to deny/hide Japan's not-so-beautiful past that they are actually urging people to watch propaganda/denial video clips uploaded on YouTube by a group of extreme Japanese nationalists. Truly sad, immature, and pitiful.

  • Pak posted at 3:34 pm on Thu, May 17, 2012.

    Pak Posts: 0

    This article is very biased. Where is your journalism, Liz Rhoades? You have not heard anything from Japanese experts who are studying this issue for a long time. Most well-aware Japanese, except leftists, communists, Korean people in Japan who selected to live in Japan long time ago and speak fluent Japanese but still do not change their nationality to Japanese, think that almost all Korean women were prostitutes.

    >Up to 200,000 young females from China,
    >Korea and other occupied areas were forced into complying.
    If there were 200,000 comfort women and if they had to have sex with 20 soldiers a day as Korean insists, Dr. Hata calculated that each Japanese soldier had to have a sex with prostitutes 1.3 times a day. Japanese soldiers did not have enough food. Who can have such energy to have a sex so often? Were there any time to fight in the war? Even now, a man with plenty foods cannot have a sex 1.3 times a day with his wife/girlfriend every day.

    Stop harassing Japan and Japanese people. Liz, when you want to humiliate any country, you have to learn the background and history of the country you want to attack. Otherwise, our relationship will deteriorate.

    Watch this video as a starter.
    This video is well supported with a lot of documents. You may want to verify the contents. And of course, you may want to hear from Koreans also to write a balanced article. Be careful, their history is heavily distorted.

    You are a journalist, right, who wants to write the truth?