• January 25, 2015
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Queens Chronicle

Queens rapper signs deal with new label

Kevin Taylor, known to fans as Slimchance, joins Madeoff Records

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Posted: Thursday, July 11, 2013 10:30 am | Updated: 11:03 am, Thu Jul 18, 2013.

Queens-based rapper Slimchance has signed with the newly formed Madeoff Records, in an effort to expand his presence in the rap universe.

Slimchance, whose real name is Kevin Taylor, signed with the company because of its connections within the music industry and because of the opportunity to have the spotlight shine solely on himself.

“I have been recognized by a few labels and have spoken to a few execs,” Taylor said. “But knowing what I am willing to bring to the table as far as an already established brand, it just makes sense to me to deal with a label where I won’t be overshined by those artists that are already well established.”

His signing with the newer Madeoff Records instead of a more established organization is another example of his efforts to differentiate himself from the average rapper.

Taylor believes that his passion for just telling his life story and changing the lives of his listening audience separates him from his many peers in the business.

“I would have to say I’m different because for me making music and embracing the art is not only about the financial stability if you should reach a level of success within the industry but the joy that I get from being able to write my thoughts and feelings on paper then dictate them to the world and it actually makes a difference in a person’s day,” said Taylor.

His life story is a common theme in his music. One song from his repertoire which delves heavily into his personal life is “The Struggle,” a song which centers around the theme of his personal struggles.

In the song, he discusses his mother’s death, which came as result of an HIV infection, the death of his baby brother just one hour short of living past his first day of life, and his struggles with school.

In the midst of his documented struggles, he discovered a talent for rapping. It started off with him writing small raps. Then it evolved into small songs, and then into short mixtape albums which he sold in his neighborhood.

Taylor decided that rap and hip-hop music would be his refuge and passion and he has since worked to improve the quality of his music.

Taylor decided to go with the moniker “Slimchance,” a reference to individuals who doubted his chances of success in music.

He also introduced his music to an online audience. His works have been downloaded at least 46,000 times across all of his digital accounts.

He has also released several mixtape albums including those dedicated to charitable goals. He has also donated shoes to children in his neighborhood.

Taylor says that his lifelong charitable streak comes from his troubled background in Queens.

“Being born with very little has made me charitable,” he said. “Whether it be me raising money to help those in need, or giving shoes to those kids who needed them, or a song to raise awareness ... it’s all a form of giving back. I made a promise to the man above that I would always use the blessings I’m given to give back when I can.”

He has also utilized his music to obtain beverage and apparel deals, among other opportunities.

Taylor is passionate about his young son, Jaylen, who has also played a role in shaping his music. He sees his music as a way to allow his son to live a better life than himself.

“Honestly I have so much love for music and entertaining, but I do think I have become a beast at making it work because I look at my son every day and I know what this life of music can obtain for him as far as education and lifestyle,” he said.

“If you are working a McDonalds making $6 an hour but you have children, that small paycheck is not about you. It’s about what you can do for your kids with it.”

For Taylor, the key to success in his career has been going against the grain in all of his work.

“I am different because I will never follow the in crowd,” said Taylor. “I will always be in my own lane as my own driver, like a boss should be.”

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