• March 5, 2015
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Queens Chronicle

De Blasio makes inequality a priority

Vows to ‘lift up the floor’ in State of the City Address, held in Queens

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  • Harris posted at 9:58 am on Thu, Feb 13, 2014.

    Harris Posts: 6

    To improve financial situation for so many of our NYC residents, how about requiring all those big, wealthy fat, corporations, that are making many millions off our residents by underpaying them, require them to either pay a minimum of $15.00/hr (no less), or get out of our town. There will be many other big corps willing to take their place and pay the fair living wage for the privelage of doing business in NYC and getting rich off our people.

    In additon, corporations just sock the money away, while the underpaid both need,
    and will spend that money for their needs and add hugely to our GDP in NYC.

    It will also get these underpaid people off of public assistance, giving relief to our budgets.

    An absolute win, win for all. We in NYC can set this as an example for the rest of the cities and states across this country. The heck waiting for the Congress or other politicians to do somethingh.

    Mayor........STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND GET THIS GOING. I am sure our NYC legislatures will go along with this, if they are in any way FOR THE PEOPLE of this GREAT CITY OF OURS.

    Harris Glasser