• November 21, 2014
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Queens Chronicle

The Willets Point plan: a bad deal in every way

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  • Land theft posted at 11:30 am on Fri, Apr 5, 2013.

    Land theft Posts: 0

    the met's have sought his property for 20 years now with the help of Bloomberg they are on the verge of seeing it happen. why would the city give them 300$ million dollars of free land and grants when they could pay for it themselves ? why would they not build affordable housing till 2025 when the contract says they can do it now if they use their own money to install the exit ramps. .why is there a 35 million dollar penalty if they don't build affordable housing? why not put the penalty at the amount of the free gifts of 300 million dollars? why did the city say in 2008 that the remediation would cost 200 million dollars to remediate the 22 acre site when the mets say its going to cost them 40 million? was the council lied to by the city or are the mets not remediating in a proper way? why are the taxpayers footing the bill for a billionaire who just had his losses in the Madoff scandal covered by the hard working people on nyc.....all met ballgames should be boycotted until wilpon returns the money to the taxayers and foots the bill himself

  • Land theft posted at 10:44 am on Fri, Apr 5, 2013.

    Land theft Posts: 0

    the mets have been trying to steal this land for 20 years and their dog and pony show is about to play out..in 2008 the council said it would cost 200$ million dollars to remediate the 22 acres the city gave away to them for 1 dollar.In the new contract with the mets the price mysterialy drops to 40 million, is that because the city lied to scare the council into voting in favor of the plan or are the mets not doing the full remiation that is needed? next the city gives the mets a total of 105 million dollars for free to use towards construction and remediation and if that is not enough another 20 million in sales tax exemptions.so they gave the ,mets 175 million in free land plus 125 million in free money so thats 300$ million dollars for a billionaire developer that should pay for it on their own. they also promised affordable housing , but are trying at all cost not to build it..lying about needing exit acsess ramps to build the housing when the contract says they can they can build it now if they use their own funds..the contract also says if they don't build housing they get fined 35 million dollars, why would you put that in the contract if you fully intend to build housing? why not make the penalty 300 million the same price as the gift they got from the tax payers who expect this housing?...now why would they do that when the city gave them 300 million for free ..stealing doesn't bother the wilpons as this has been their dream for 20 years to displace the hard working middle class owners of willets point property....the mets had to pay back 200 million to the madoff fund (another crooked deal they were involved in ) and bloomberg just bailed them out and some....why should the hard working taxpayers of this city foot the bill for a billionaire

  • joe w posted at 10:08 am on Fri, Apr 5, 2013.

    joe w Posts: 6

    I can't understand how a government can do something like this , give the people what they pay for , and stop steeling tax payers money .