• December 28, 2014
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Queens Chronicle

How about light rail on the old Rockaway line?

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  • dreamking posted at 5:22 pm on Wed, Feb 26, 2014.

    dreamking Posts: 3

    Donut's 'not happening' declaration of an inability to connect light rail to the subway and/or LIRR is untrue. People transfer all the time from buses to subway stations all the time. Last I checked, nothing would stop completing the 3% of ROW not under current control by the MTA and city, and then setting up stations outside existing train stations.

    When it comes to subways, almost every bit of NYC falls into a 'if you build it, they will come' category. Only the lower part of the IRT was built on assumptions about day-1 ridership. The network's expansion of interconnections is its own reward. People have been crying for decades over Queens' lack of north-south and to- midtown mass transit options. Here is part of how you fix it. And the pro-Queensway crowd is how they keep making it sounding plausible to let the solution slip out of one's fingers. Only some of the pro-Queensway crowd actually cares about the 24-hour hiking and biking path. The rest just want the status quo, regardless of how many people it continues to harm and limit.

    I've walked down the ROW many times, and there are probably at least 4-5 sites for either a subway station or a light rail platform along the way to Queens Blvd from Liberty Ave, with potential transfer points off the J, the A, and various bus routes along Myrtle and Metropolitan. If it's part of the MTA and included in for free transfers, there will be no problems with ridership gaps. This isn't the AirTrain we're talking about - a Port Authority solution to Port Authority priorities. Putting the midtown CBD within 25 one-seat minutes of Woodhaven, Richmond Hill, Ozone Park and southern Forest Hills, Far Rockaway within 45 one-seat minutes, will mean a doubling of property values over large swaths of Queens, and make a lot of people's lives (both current and future) better.

  • Donut posted at 11:08 pm on Sat, Feb 15, 2014.

    Donut Posts: 1

    The reason why those cities build light rail is because they can't afford to build a proper system. To where will you connect this light rail to anyway? The subway? The LIRR? Not happening. Shuttles will never have the ridership to justify the build cost. Did you even think about what you were proposing through before you threw around the light rail buzzword?